Monday, September 28, 2020

The Upheaval of Toys

New Broadloom

Work  on the toyroom is progressing, albeit a little slower than I would have hoped. Finally, on Saturday the broadloom was installed. That was after our daughter and son-in-law stopped in to move all the cabinets out into the yard ... it looked like a garage sale with stuff everywhere.

After the carpet was down, we managed to bring in the TV stand and the desk ourselves, and all the drawers that got removed from the cabinets, but we couldn't manage the cabinets ... they got tarped and left outside overnight as we prayed it didn't rain.

Sunday afternoon, the 'kids' stopped by on their way home from their trip and moved them back inside for us. Still ... although everything is in the house, the room hasn't been put together.  We still have to wait for more renos - the baseboards have to be installed, and he's decided to remove the door and front end of the room and make more wall space. On the stair landing (would be left side in the photo) is an opening that used to be a window (the man cave was a garage at one time). We will get that filled in with drywall and small shelving for some of the little toys, hopefully, at the same time the door area is filled in.

The Impassible Mess
I'm praying that won't take too long - I'd like to see it done by the weekend cause, if not, I won't be responsible for what happens, lol.  My livingroom is nearly impassible (yes, impassible, not impossible). The day before we moved the cabinets, I moved all the toys that were in them into the livingroom, and emptied several totes into the TV cabinet in the livingroom.

We managed to put several totes (maybe 6 or 8) in the crawl space next to the toyroom, and he took away more than a dozen empty totes.  

I can handle a little mess, once in a while, but this is more than a little mess.  I think in the long run it isn't such a long time when you consider this should be our last home, forever (well, until nursing home time of course). We moved in at the beginning of December 2019, and from February to May we were in Florida, and by then, when we got home contractors and construction were still not happening, so getting things finished didn't really get started here until mid to late summer.

...and he just left home to go pick up another toy (I know for sure at least one Otaco toy, and maybe two, just don't know if he's picking them both up today).  I'd rather like to see some progress on getting rid of the ones he no longer intends to display before filling up space we don't have yet.

Livingroom Toys

Maybe by the next post we'll have almost completed the moves, but it's doubtful. To get to the complete stage we need to move the TV cabinet in the livingroom into the toy room, along with two cabinets at the far end of the livingroom (hidden right now by the two filing cabinets), and move the TV stand in the toyroom into the livingroom. And we need to treadmill moved out of the toyroom and into the sunroom at the front of the house ... and since that room hasn't been renovated yet, that's going to have to be moved again sometime next year. ugh.

The good news ... tomorrow, they start the new siding on the outside of the house. I'm looking forward to getting that finally done. At least the outside of the house will look awesome as we continue to work on the inside.

To be honest, the inside isn't awful either. It's just a matter of finishing the toyroom. Most of the house has been completely reno'd before we moved in. There is a lot of little stuff left inside that we'd like to finish - replacing some of the ceiling trims (perhaps one room at a time) with crown moulding instead of the skinny trim that's there; we still have some electrical stuff that needs dealt with; I couldn't decide on a backsplash when the kitchen was completed so I didn't install it back in December. I've finally decided what I want, and ordered the subway tile this week. When I can find someone to install it, it will get done.

TV Space and Diningroom (Livingroom is at back of house)


Kitchen and Dining area

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