Monday, September 14, 2020

After the Move

It's now almost a year (well, actually only 9 months) after we moved into our new place and (sigh) we are still "under construction". I guess I shouldn't be that surprised ... it tends to end up always being that way for us.

We moved into this place December 1st, after it being renovated completely inside for 3 full months, and it still wasn't fully completed. The exterior still needs new siding (working on getting someone for that) and new windows (going into tomorrow (Sept 15) finally, so  yay!), the entry (was actually called a sunroom in the listing but we won't be using it as that, but as the entry hall) has not had anything done as yet (probably have to wait til spring now) and the man-cave (ie: the toy room) is still waiting on it's floor (carpeting - on order, so yay again) and a proper handrail for the stairs.

What the room used to be was a garage ... it's  been converted with an entry door, window, and sliding door out to what eventually will be a ground level deck. That was a much bigger job than we expected because the outer wall supports and wood turned out to be rotten and ant-infested so we had an entire exterior wall to replace.

It's also been tough to decide what furniture is actually needed in that room so some purchased things got re-homed to other people, and there is still at least one piece that will eventually see the same end (the TV stand - very nice piece, but the TV will go on his cabinets, and the cabinets are useful to house the toys).

 I'm also hoping to talk him into selling off the treadmill ... there's really no room out there for it, and to keep it means we'd have to put it into the entry hall taking up most of the entry. I guess we'll see what happens to that once his toy cave is finished.

I'm hoping by Christmas it will look awesome (and all the totes will be gone!).  He's still in the process of selling off some of the stuff he doesn't feel inclined to keep any longer, and he's given things to our nephews and grandsons, and even donated boxes of toys (still in packages) to charity drives and people in need (bless his heart!). 

Still, there are an awful lot of toys to go through and unpack and make decisions on ... and strangely, I'm noticing toys in the cabinets that I haven't seen before. I wonder why?

He's just begun to unpack some of his Supertest toys ... this picture shows a very few of them, much of them still in boxes.  And I think he has a bunch of the First Gear Supertest (no boxes) that he's going to sell (because they are duplicates of what he has).

I guess we'll see what comes of that in the near future.


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