I would have to say that out of all the toys he's collected, the Supertest ones are probably the hardest to acquire ... at least the one's in his collection (*there is an exception in that the Otaco are just about as hard to get as the Supertest toys).

Most of these had to be pre-ordered, and only a certain amount of each offering was produced, so if you didn't get yours ordered in time, you wouldn't be able to get one.  There came a time when the producers decided the last one, was ... well, the last one. No new models would be created.

Now, the decision is to keep or sell. At the moment, I'm pretty sure he's keeping these because by now, the earliest ones would have become pretty rare. A lot of his Supertest toys never made it out of the boxes. In order to even take pictures, I had to carefully remove the boxes, the plastic and other wrappings, and then put them back in the box the way I found them.  You'll notice in the picture below that all the little mirrors and/or lights that weren't attached to the truck when the original package arrived are still in the foam protection interior box, and not yet put on the trucks.

Oct. 13, 2018 - here's the first few I got photographed. There are lots more to come later, but they all have to be unboxed and set up, photographed, then repacked to that's going to take a while - even when I find the time.

 October 15, 2018 - I managed to find some of the Ertl trucks issued, and got them photographed. Also included is an odd Corgi tanker (NIB), and a Supertest branded diecast gas pump.

Supertest log on an orange tow truck - die cast metal collectible.
The tow truck from Supertest outside of it's packing box.

A large tanker truck in orange with Supertest logo.

A supertest marked tow truck with a gas container on the side.

The no. 3 Supertest toy tow truck collective (number three in the series).

A box type truck with the Superstest logo and comes complete with a Supertest patch.
A delivery truck which includes the Collector's Club booklet and a Supertest Patch.
A collectible Supertest truck from Corgi.
A Corgi Diamond T Supertest tanker. The odd thing here is the cab is metal, the tanker is plastic.

Miniature diecast collectors gas pump with the Supertest branding.
Miniature Gas Pump branded for Supertest

The first issue of a collectible diecast tanker by Ertl, branded for Supertest.
Supertest, Ertl #1

Supertest 24 hour service tow truck.
Supertest #2

Supertest collectible diecase van #3.
Supertest #3

Another collectible tanker branded for Supertest, this one No. 4.
Supertest #4

A Supertest tanker with "wonder gasoline" on the side of the tank.
Supertest #5 - Wonder Gasoline


  1. Would love to add a picture of my supertest collection

    1. Hi Alan - if you'd like to send me a picture of your collection, I'll add it for you. Be sure to include your name and whatever details you'd like published with the picture. Thanks. You can mail it to

  2. L also have all the supertest trucks except the buddy and the huge one which are very hard to find