If you want to ask about the toys or just talk to "The Toyman", send him an email please. In the "re" line, include the fact that you found the toy blog, otherwise he might not answer the email.
If you're a toy collector or seller, or just want to know more about the toys, or where to look for similar toys, I'm sure he'd be happy to give you a call if you'd rather talk on the phone than by email. Or, you can reach him through his Facebook page: Ron (he's the Toyman of this blog)

As for me, I'm just the wife. I write stuff, I take some of the pictures, I created the site and maintain it but otherwise, it's mostly all about his toys. You'll have to ask him the questions if they relate to the toys.   You can contact me for technical issues with the site, and you can always leave a comment on any page.

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