ISO (In Search Of)

This page is basically a list of items the Toyman is looking to buy.

Parts & Decals

Otaco Minnitoy Tires - any number of tires depending on price. Contact @

Toys and Accessories

Yeah, I know, it seems strange that I'm helping him to buy new things when we're trying to pare down the collection by at least 50% or more, but ... there are some things he wants.

You get the point in life where you figure you might as well spend some of your money on the things you want while you still can enjoy them, so this is the time to do that. At least for us.

Someday, we'll probably end up in a nursing home somewhere with very little say in what happens to our "stuff". That will be up to our kids to deal with. But until then, we might as well "just do it", instead of waiting until it's too late.

So to that end, there's a few things I'll let him have (nice to think I have any say in this, but I don't really. He gets to decide what he wants) some of the stuff he thinks will complete his collections.


He's looking to buy one of the tow trucks.

And there is a piece of equipment that goes between the bull dozer, and the hopper wagon that he doesn't have yet, and would like to find one of.

Actually, if the Otaco toy is one he doesn't have yet, he'd be interested in hearing about it (or seeing it), depend on it's condition and price.

 I know he'd like a White Rose Tanker, but most are way over the price he's willing to pay, but if you're looking to sell one under $700 (Canadian), send him an email (see the contact page).

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