Where to Find Parts & Logos

Talk Model Toys

Logos & Parts - several toy types, including Dinky toys, Corgi Toys, Otaco Minnitoys, Lincoln Toys, and others

Triang Parts

Most of the links on this site seem to lead to the TNT site listed above it, but quite a few of the decals are listed and shown here. Not only do they cover Otaco Minnitoy decals, there are quite a few British and European toy brands here as well.

Gasoline Alley Toys 

A variety of toy parts from vintage vehicles, some appear to be reclaimed, some appear to be brand new reproductions. It's a matter of what's in stock and when it's in stock. If you need it, buy it when you see it.

Thomas Toys Inc.

Mixed batch of parts, many American brands, with replacement or reclaimed parts, including a lot of Buddy L parts, Auburn Rubber, Arcade, American Flyer, Corgi, Dinky, Ertl, Hubley (a list too long to mention in terms of brands, so just go have a look), and a batch of generic unbranded parts that could fit multiple types of vehicle.

Classic Tin Toy Co. Inc.

Not a huge lot, and relies on what they find at what times, so another of those "if you see it and need it, buy it now" types, but sometimes it's these kinds of sites where you find that something you can't find anywhere else.

Randy's Toy Shop

If all else fails, and you need a special part manufactured, you might want to try this guy. Not only do they repair toys, and mechanisms, they can manufacture specific parts. He's in the US, so might be a tad pricey for Canadians, but ... if you can't find anyone else local to do it, this could be worth knowing about. 

Tin Toy Works

Another metal toy repair shop, with experience in metallurgy. Again, an American location, but might be worth having as a source for the unique replacement parts.

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