Monday, September 28, 2020

The Upheaval of Toys

New Broadloom

Work  on the toyroom is progressing, albeit a little slower than I would have hoped. Finally, on Saturday the broadloom was installed. That was after our daughter and son-in-law stopped in to move all the cabinets out into the yard ... it looked like a garage sale with stuff everywhere.

After the carpet was down, we managed to bring in the TV stand and the desk ourselves, and all the drawers that got removed from the cabinets, but we couldn't manage the cabinets ... they got tarped and left outside overnight as we prayed it didn't rain.

Sunday afternoon, the 'kids' stopped by on their way home from their trip and moved them back inside for us. Still ... although everything is in the house, the room hasn't been put together.  We still have to wait for more renos - the baseboards have to be installed, and he's decided to remove the door and front end of the room and make more wall space. On the stair landing (would be left side in the photo) is an opening that used to be a window (the man cave was a garage at one time). We will get that filled in with drywall and small shelving for some of the little toys, hopefully, at the same time the door area is filled in.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Smaller Collections

In our collection we have several collections of smaller toys, and those collections are limited in the number of toys we have (or will have). One of these small collections are of Studebaker models. That collection began way back in the late 1940s when my father-in-law worked at the Studebaker factory. Neither I, nor my husband, know exactly how my father-in-law acquired the first toy, but that car (made of plastic and rubber tires) was a prototype design for the car Studebaker was to build the following year (1950 or 1951). 

It surprises me even more that this car has survived all these years, in basically perfect condition. It isn't terribly detailed, but has a tin insert on the underside, and does have silver coloured bumpers and the typical Studebaker "pointed bullet" front.

The Odds and Sods 1

 "Odds and Sods" are the toys we have one or two of, but not much in the way of a "collection". Some things just catch the Toyman's eye, and he'll grab them ... for whatever reason.  I have no idea why some of them are included, but ... as the wife, even I can admit some of them are pretty interesting. 

These two are from Richmond Toys - that's a brand I'd never heard of before. They're pretty well made steel toys, much like the Lincoln or Otaco toys. The design is somewhat similar, and the dump truck is a nearly identical design, other than the front end. 

Richmond Tow Truck

Monday, September 14, 2020

After the Move

It's now almost a year (well, actually only 9 months) after we moved into our new place and (sigh) we are still "under construction". I guess I shouldn't be that surprised ... it tends to end up always being that way for us.

We moved into this place December 1st, after it being renovated completely inside for 3 full months, and it still wasn't fully completed. The exterior still needs new siding (working on getting someone for that) and new windows (going into tomorrow (Sept 15) finally, so  yay!), the entry (was actually called a sunroom in the listing but we won't be using it as that, but as the entry hall) has not had anything done as yet (probably have to wait til spring now) and the man-cave (ie: the toy room) is still waiting on it's floor (carpeting - on order, so yay again) and a proper handrail for the stairs.