Thursday, October 1, 2020

Shout Out for Otaco Collectors

This is just a short post today, but I wanted to get the word out to any Otaco Minnitoy collectors (or those just interested in the history of Otaco) about J. Alan Johnston's book, recently published. This is a locally produced book, that's been well researched and has taken years to compile ... and if there are still copies available, very definitely worth buying.

The book has over 150 pages, filled with information on the original Otaco toys (did y'all know there were toys other than those big trucks the collectors want), including things like the kids wooden wagon, and the fishing rods. I knew about the watergun, but I didn't know about the fishing rods at all.  When I asked the hubby, he said "oh ya, Uncle Bob used to to have one of those."    Well, I'll be.  That would have been nice to keep just because in the photo in the book, they look a little different than modern rods.

It also provides information on the toys - the manufacturing, differences between early toys and later ones, the colour varieties, the specs for manufacturing ... pretty much everything you could want to know, including a ton of photos and reproductions of early advertising.

Included in the book is some interesting history about Otaco and it's manufacturing in Orillia, so the book has some nice historical references, along with the toy histories.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this book you can contact:

J. Alan Johnston

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