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 Otaco Minnitoys (Page 2)

Continuing on with the "collection" of Otaco toys, I've managed to get a few more photographed and prepared for the web.  There's more (isn't there always more?) but for now, this is what I've finished.

The one above is known as the "ice truck". It looks very much like the tow truck to me, but there is a chain across the back end, and no hook or crane. This one, as far as I can tell, is in it's original condition.

Tippet-Richardson transport trailer ... used for hauling and moving I suppose. Except for it's logos, it is the same as all the other transports.

This was one of the early toys. My husband tells me it's from their "first" series ... however, it has no logos and apparently never did. Except for the tail gate (which is missing), it is in original condition. 

One of the Heinz transport trucks. This one is ketchup, but we do have the logos (I think) for the soup one, which would eventually go on a refurbished truck and tractor body. We haven't found an original soup one for sale yet, so, he'll make one from another one that needs restored.

A Minnitoy flatbed. As far as I can tell, this one is in original condition, and isn't branded specifically, other than the Minnitoys round logo on the cab, and "Minnitoy" on the trailer.

The "Mangle Iron" was one of only two girls toys that I know of. Otaco made this metal toy for girls, as well as a "mixer" (like a Mixmaster), but they certainly weren't very prolific when it came to the girls. I imagine during the time, dolls were the focus of most little girls.

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